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By seeking competitive bids and efficiently managing the design and construction process, we lower project cost 5-10% or more.

Efficiently managing an effective design and construction process saves you time and money. When qualified professionals compete on projects they know will be managed and led properly, they reflect those savings in their fees. A quality competitive field yields creative solutions at competitive prices.

"Garrard Development has been an invaluable asset to our development team and to our project. Commencing with the pre-construction due diligence, Garrard was there to point out potential issues that could have cost us thousands of dollars in additional site work. Their expertise gave us leverage with the seller to negotiate a better price for the property. Additionally, throughout the construction process, Garrard continued to save us money by thoroughly analyzing significant line items & making suggestions on alternate materials, processes, or personnel. Working with Garrard, has afforded me the time I needed to commit to other business ventures. I highly recommend their service to anyone considering constructing a new facility, especially in the current environment of rapidly changing construction material costs."

Deane Stokes
Metropolitan Realty Associates