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Every construction project involves a journey from where you are to where you want to be. The best analogy for a project is that of an Owner chartering a ship, and sailing towards his desired destination. Such a voyage requires a team of individuals from varying backgrounds with specific knowledge and abilities to work in unison and sail under the command of a single captain. Despite loyalties and interest to other vessels, they must come together for the specific journey at hand for the safety and welfare of all on board.

Unfortunately, far too often Owners attempt to navigate the treacherous, uncharted waters of a construction project themselves. As a result of their lack of experience, knowledge, and skills on the open seas, relationships are strained and eventually turn adversarial. Disputes break out, costly delays are incurred, and what started out as a smooth sailing has rapidly degenerated into a perilous voyage with all on board in jeopardy.

Continually we watch as this same scenario is played out time and time again. Almost without fail, Owners consistently proved themselves to be the weakest link on the project team, and almost always to their own detriment.

Our Purpose

Garrard Development was formed to help Owners lead the design and construction process. We provide Owners the project leadership, experience, resources, technical knowledge, communication skills, and negotiating tactics necessary to lead their construction project for optimal success.