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Many building owners are unaware of the complexities and risks they undertake with their construction project, and often don't know they need help until it's too late.

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The Garrard Advantage

Garrard Development offers a unique set of management skills combined with a wealth of technical knowledge. Drawing on years of in-depth construction industry experience, we've pioneered a process to efficiently manage development programs from design to completion.

Our expertise in all phases of development from conceptual budgeting and land acquisition to financing, design, construction, and close-out help you build smarter with less risk.

We guide you through the complicated, time consuming construction process, resolving problems and keeping the entire team focused and working together for optimum results.

We are the catalyst driving the engine, leading your team forward to complete the project on time and on budget.

We'll build the best team for you

Our process fosters a collaborative team approach through a carefully designed system of checks and balances. We know how to pull together the right team for a specific project - managing and motivating many professionals - each significant and responsible for a different aspect of the project.

Garrard Development has worked closely with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors, Inspectors, and Lenders on more than fifty design-build, general contract, and negotiated projects. Project types consisted of all facets of commercial construction markets including:



Our experience with the internal operations of both General Contractors and Design Firms, coupled with strong relationships in the industry, affords Owners the benefit of having their projects managed by proven experienced professionals.